Alice Crosse

Born 16 Jun 1845

10 May 1871


(Andrew Crosse's grand-daughter)

Alice was born in Kingston, Somerset, but moved with her family to Ockham when she was 7. She loved to go riding, often accompanied only by the groom, George Smith. By the time Alice was 20, they had formed an attachment for each other. In August 1865, her father dismissed him. Alice did grab a few words with George before he left, telling him to come to her window the following night. Alice climbed down from her window, and they walked to the station to catch the milk train to Waterloo. They tried to get a marriage licence but failed as they were under age and didn't have their parents' consent. They then took lodgings in Wandsworth, claiming to be a young married couple.

They were quickly tracked down. George was immediately arrested and charged with abduction. In court it became obvious that Alice was the organiser of the whole affair so the magistrate decided that if anyone had been abducted, it was probably George! A week later Alice's father consented to the marriage. The church was crowded, and the street outside was blocked with some hundreds of people, as the case had attracted enormous interest. On returning to their lodgings they appeared at the first floor window, and George made a speech.

Unfortunately, they did not have long together - Alice died of consumption only 6 years later, leaving two young children.