Joseph Porter

Born 23 Jan 1770



(Andrew Crosse's brother-in-law)

Joseph and Louisa Porter

Joseph's father was the gardener at Halswell House, near Goathurst. Joseph was the fourth of seven children. As an adult, he went to work for the Crosse family at Broomfield as Estate Agent and Gamekeeper. On 26th June 1809 Joseph Porter married Louisa Crosse at St Michael's Church, Minehead, and his working days were over.

Joseph and Louisa Porter settled in Minehead, and lived a quiet life as a lady and gentleman. Joseph was a keen musician and played the bass viol. He now had time to devote himself to his music. In 1833, Thomas Hawkes of Williton published a collection of hymn tunes including six by Joseph, named mainly after local villages.

Louisa Porter's health was not good. Joseph's great-nephew and niece John and Sophia Moore looked after her and Joseph, as they grew older and more infirm. They lived together at Bath House, Friday Street, in Minehead but often liked to visit John's relations in Monmouthshire. Louisa Porter died in 1849, Joseph died in 1852 and they were buried at St Michaels in Minehead. 

Photo John Porter
courtesy of Elizabeth Pegg