Richard Crosse

Born 27 Mar 1786

Died 27 Jan 1846


(Andrew Crosse's brother)

Richard was two years younger than his brother Andrew . At an early age, he had been sent to a school in Reading, run by a Dr. Valpy. The boys were good company for each other during the holidays. As an adult, Richard, like his brother, was fascinated by scientific matters and was an supporter of the decimal system. His clocks were divided into ten hours and his weights and measures were all on the metrical system. He wrote to his brother "I have got the woman who keeps the Globe Inn in Stowey to sell by the new measures. As for the old system, I mean to abandon it entirely."

In 1810 Richard married Jane Greensill, the niece of Mr. Edward Jones of the Feathers Tavern, Minehead. They lived a quiet life, with Richard continuing to study his favourite subjects of mathematics, music and metaphysics.

Richard died in 1846. He left everything to Jane for her lifetime, and then to his brother Andrew. Jane moved back to Minehead, where she died five years later. She was buried at St Michaels, Minehead, and not with her husband in the Crosse family vault.