Robert Crosse

Born 30 Apr 1812

4 Dec 1871


(Andrew Crosse's son)

Robert Crosse, Andrew's younger son by his first wife, was born in 1812. He graduated from Balliol College, Oxford, was ordained in 1835 and became assistant curate at Broomfield. In 1837 Robert married a young widow, Eliza Mary Archer, who had been born in Chittagong, where her father was in the Bengal Civil Service. In 1845, Robert moved to Kingston, as Assistant Stipendiary Curate. In 1852, when Robert was 40, William, Lord Lovelace, offered him the living of Ockham, Surrey. This seems rather surprising, as it was at this time that William learned of Robert's brother John Crosse's affair with Ada and his involvement with her gambling debts!

Robert and his young family moved to Ockham Rectory, close to the Lovelace's mansion of Ockham Park and Robert took up his new duties. The youngest daughter, Alice, was 7 years old when they moved. When, in 1865, Alice eloped with the groom, Robert expressed himself broken hearted. He died from a fall in 1871 while collecting herbs in the South of France.