Cornelia Edith Yoï Crosse

Born 1877

Died 1944


(Andrew Crosse's grand-daughter)

Cornelia Edith Crosse, who was always known as Yoï, was the eldest daughter of Andrew Frederick Crosse, Andrew Crosse's eldest son by his second marriage. Her mother, Emilia Pawlowski, was of Polish origin.

Yoï was born in Hungary, where her father was growing vines for wine production, and lived there until she was sent away to school in England when she was about 12. In 1896 she married Captain James Buckley of Llanelli and had two children, Wilma and Gabriel Ifor. In 1909 she left her husband and children to elope with Sir Coleridge Kennard, an attaché in the Foreign Office. At the request of his mother he was transferred from London to Rome, and later to Tehran in an attempt to put an end to the affair. Yoï followed him to Tehran in 1910, only to find he had tired of her.

She returned to Rome, where she met and later married the sculptor Antonio Maraini. She published several books under the pen-name Yoï Pawlowska, and later as Yoï Maraini.

Yoï and Antonio had two sons, Fosco and Grato. Yoï died in Italy in 1944, Antonio died in 1963.

The Italian author Dacia Maraini is their grand-daughter, so she is the great-great-grand-daughter of Andrew Crosse of Fyne Court, Broomfield, Somerset.