In the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. In the Will of Jasper Porter, late of Little Dean in the County of Gloucester is as follows:

In consequence of being defrauded of my birthright and Paternal estate by the cruel and unnatural Will of my Father in 1779 which was effected by the Villainy and Artifice of my Sister to aggrandize her fortune and become his Executrix, I would stigmatize their memory to later posterity and exhibit a picture of them in full length that I may deter the vicious from acts of injustice which disgrace humanity and assure the world that the memory of bad actions can only be effaced by public marks of detestation and abhorrence Wherefore my Will is that 10 be deposited in the hands of the Overseers of the Parish of Enmore which they shall distribute equally amongst ten of the oldest men paupers of the said Parish on condition that on the 5th day of November they make two effigies representing a man and a women which shall be fixed on two stakes and a copy of my Father's Will shall be affixed thereto with a label in large characters of these words:

"To expiate the crimes of fraud and perfidy and make some atonement to the manes of the Testators we commit this effigy to the flames at the request and in commemoration of our Benefactor" - The ten men shall assemble at the Castle Inn at Enmore and walk in slow procession at the beat of a drum through the Village and carry the above effigies with my Father's Will affixed thereto as far as the great Elm on the crossings near the Church when a Bonfire shall be provided for the purpose of burning the effigies - the oldest of the ten men on arriving at the place shall then commit the said effigies to the flames and in a solemn and audible voice first repeat these words "To expiate the frauds and perfidies and make some atonement to the manes of the Testator we commit these effigies to the flames at the request and in commemoration of our Benefactor". After performing the ceremony the men shall repair to the Castle Inn at dinner and there receive the 10 divided amongst them agreeable to the Words of my Will on the 5th day of November every year provided that they perform the ceremony of burning the said effigies in the manner above recited.

14th February 1795

Jasper Porter also left a legacy of 30 to purchase a marble bust of himself with a Latin inscription showing his virtues.

Note: manes - in ancient Rome meant the spirits of the dead, especially ancestors

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