Wills and letters associated with Andrew Crosse

Andrew Crosse

(1784 - 1855)

Andrew Crosse's own Will is dated 30 June 1855. He died on 6 July the same year, aged 71.
Susanna Crosse

(1749 - 1805)

Susanna Crosse, née Porter, was Andrew's mother. She was the second wife of his father, Richard Crosse, who died in 1800.

Her Will is dated 31 March 1805. She died later that year.

Jasper Porter

(1745 - 1795)

Jasper was Andrew's uncle, being Susanna's elder brother. Their father, Jasper Porter (the elder) of Enmore left the bulk of his estates to Susanna, with only a few leasehold properties to Jasper and their brother Thomas.

In 1784 Jasper wrote a Letter to Thomas, who was a sugar planter in the West Indies, to try to persuade him to support a challenge in the Courts.

Jasper's Will is dated 1795. It includes a legacy to the paupers of Enmore on condition that they burn his sister and father in effigy after parading them round the parish!